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Originally Posted by Atombyte
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My SA says they don't know what boat it will be on until the car is actually on board a ship. Says the shipper doesn't give the info to the dealer until the car has left the port and is officially in route.

I wonder how your dealer can know for sure in advance?

Right now I'm still stuck in Bremerhaven. I just want someone to pick up my poor car...
I was told the same thing today by my SA. My car has been waiting on a ship for 2 weeks
My car had waited for only 5 days at the port until she was loaded onto Mignon. She was booked with the shipping vessel on 3/26, 2 days prior to the actual loading date to the ship on 3/28. So I figured a dealer should be notified by the shipping company upon booking and be able to tell you as to which ship and what date your car will be on. :