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Originally Posted by Goat Rodeo View Post
Just a tip

If you are the east coast some of the best (non-stop) flights put you in Munich in the AM.

Do not schedule your delivery for the same day.

We did and I naturally could not sleep at all on the plane, by the time I was chatting with the (very cute) receptionist and trying to do paperwork I was near incoherent.


Fly into Munich in the AM
Take S-Bahn to hotel
Shower, nap
Go out and drink way too much amazing fresh tasting German beer (mmm)
Drink a ton of water; pass out early
Wake up early refreshed and begin journey
If you are going to be in Munich for several days and then heading elsewhere, I would actually recommend scheduling delivery for your last day in the area. Otherwise you'll take delivery of your prize and it will be in a parking garage. Better to bring your luggage to the Welt, have them store it while you do your delivery, then head out on to the road for an adventure elsewhere. Or at least make the delivery your last night in Munich. It is tough to pick up a car and then take it to a hotel and leave it for several days! Plus, as stated above, the jetlag and sleepless excitement add to delerium.

Agreed on drinking lots of beer to get you on schedule!