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Originally Posted by S65Tom View Post
Stock zcp with pins pulled, also pss 255/275 setup. Car needs an alignment anyway so figured i would have the shop throw on the bearings since the front would be apart for the swaybar install.
I got the same tire setup pss 255/275 also. What a difference these tires make. From factory, I got the contis which were really bad for autoxing. Will be pulling pins in a couple weeks too. I never heard of the bearing mod until you mentioned it. Now its on my future mod list. Let me know how the car feels after bar install. Hopefully in the near future, you got an autox or track day lined up.
Originally Posted by CSBM5 View Post
The larger front bar results in less roll and better camber angle for the front tires, and it especially results in better transient response (i.e. slaloms in autox). I pulled the alignment pins, max'd negative camber (got -1.7 degrees), and installed the Dinan front bar (btw, unlike others' experience, there was zero preload on my stock sway bar and the Dinan bar once it was in place, so I had no need for adjustable end links).

I'm running the car in F-stock this year, tire class, with BFG Rivals. So far, I'm very impressed with the car on course. I can't actually imagine it without the front bar as turn-in rotation was fine as is. In pure steady state cornering conditions (i.e. mid-corner), I imagine there is a bit more understeer due to the bar, but it's easily manageable. Slaloms are a hoot though! Also, this thing will really put down the power on corner exit -- really impressed with the M3.

When you do the install, take off those side pods on each side first and that will allow you to put a wrench on the weird wire supports (x2 each side) for the center undertray.
Thanks for the feedback. I was going to almost cross Dinan of my list, which now includes the RD sport front bar. Also thanks for the tip during install. I remember that wire support when I had to pull out my undertray to fix it. Hit a tire alligator someone flung up.
Originally Posted by kaiv View Post
Looks like I'll the front bar on the car by my next track day on the 14th. Will post my impressions

Originally Posted by Richbot View Post
I have MCS 2-way remote reservoir dampers as well, otherwise stock other than alignment.

I did have some noise from the bushings at the very beginning but a little lithium grease took care of that and no problems since.

The stiffer swaybar helps keep the suspension in its happy place when you're using stock-ish spring rates. Too much body roll and you start decambering the tire and using the outside edge of the tire, so keeping body roll to a minimum in the front does help with front grip, and definitely helped on my car, along with better transitional stability for the violent maneuvers during autocross and better grip on acceleration.
I am leaning very much to the RD Sport front because of you. I am assuming you just got the front only. I like the adjustability, but wonder how this front bar only compares to the H&R and Dinan in terms of % stiffness. The numbers RD sport mentions seems to take both front and rear.
Originally Posted by Richbot View Post
That has not been my experience or that of most others who have actually done it.
Originally Posted by meko View Post
Conflicting opinions here. I personally would like to reduce understeer (a little realistically) without spring or shock changes. Two track events a year is all, but understeer surfaces even on the street to early for me. Perhaps just the pins is the best I can do, or its simply not possible to accomplish this reduction. The front sway bar would be something I would change IF it will reduce understeer. Thoughts. Sorry to thread jack but sounds like OP wants the same thing
Yes, I want the magic bullet front sway bar. Stock springs and shocks with neutral or very slight understeer from a simple mod.
Originally Posted by isugoo View Post
Another option is using OEM E93 front swaybar.

E93 M3 OEM sway bar is thicker than E90/92 M3s but slightly thinner than Dinan.
But I think the cost saving was about 1/2.
Check out Turner's sway bar comparison. Not sure it's worth it to swap out for a 6% stiffer bar. The Dinan is solid and bigger than H&R, so it will be stiffer than H&R.
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