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Honestly looks like touring to me. Title of the video is touring, windows are up on some cars, no numbers on many of the cars, and it looked like one of the cars had a passenger with no helmet on. But I couldn't see any truly definitive helmet evidence either way. The video uploader also says that he was 'powersliding' his 325xi at the event, which isn't typical talk from a HPDE although it does happen.

With that said another video from the same event inside an E46 showed him passing and squealing the tires in the turns, so it looks like the leash is at least a little looser than the track touring I've seen in the past. I still wouldn't say it's an all out session though.

You should still go to this, especially if you haven't driven blackhawk before, I'm sure you'll have fun.

If you enjoy the track and want to go out more, MSCC will be hosting an HPDE there on the Saturday of memorial day weekend. That's an event I have been heavily involved in organizing and running in previous years.
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