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Here is a dyno from EAS that shows the power increase on a stock E92 BMW M3.

This kit looks like it is BRAND NEW OUT OF THE BOX!!!!!

Nobody wants to increase their stock M3's power by about 120-130 wheel horsepower and 65+ torque and keep it absolutely RELIABLE for 5K!

Some people aren't very happy with the low end torque of a stock e92 M3. Well look at the difference in torque on the dyno graph from 1500 rpm and up! After 4k rpm the boost will peak and the raw horsepower will take over and put a huge smile on your face!

The buyer of this kit WILL NOT be disappointed with this kit! It increases gas mileage AND increases power by a large amount! Not to mention it is VERY RELIABLE!

The power and torque is great at low rpm but the real power becomes noticeable over 4k! This supercharger kit literally makes the power of the M3 feel just as powerful as my 2013 GTR if not MORE powerful at highway speeds!

11 e92 comp package

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