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When u pull in in a BMW it's almost a instant sale. They don't call BMW the ultimate driving experience for nothing
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I went into a dealership in t-shirt, jeans, baseball cap 5 minutes after they were closed on a Sunday (4pm?!), and I look young for my age (short!). I asked to look at an M3, I had pulled up in a 335xi. Guy found it waaaay in the back (new) with plastic on it. I told him I was very interested, but said I would need to drive it before I would buy, so I could come back another day during normal hours...

Salesman (he was sales manager) said no problem, drive it now. But it would take him a while to get it out from behind all the cars, so why not test drive the same car, but used and in blue, that they had more accessible in the showroom while he got that new car out. So I went out to drive the used one, and the salesman with me told me to push the car and turn on all the features, definitely wasn't holding me back.

When I got back to dealership after like 15/20 min, they had the new one out front and I drove that too, below 5k rpm. Bought that car in about 10 minutes. The test drive of the blue M3 totally sold me, and then driving the new one I knew it was going to be just the same. They stayed like an extra 1:30 to let me drive them on a Sunday, but they made the sale.

I also told them that my friend (girl) would need to test drive it before I could make a final decision, and put down only a deposit. She went by and they let her test drive the new one, and I bought it the next day. A guy friend of mine came with me the day I went to pick up my car from the dealership, and he test drove the used blue M3 BY HIMSELF with no salesman, and he is a young looking guy too. He also pulled up in a 335xi though.

This was Wagner BMW in Shrewsbury, MA. I have nothing but good things to say. No sales pressure, no haggling, and never asked to see anything but license before test drive. In fact they pushed to test drive when I wasn't so sure if I even wanted to. I've purchased 4 other BMWs but never had an easy, stress free experience like that before. I also have purchased other vehicles too.
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