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Originally Posted by AM150 View Post
I'm not saying you're wrong, I haven't been to the tire wall day in the past. Do you have a link to the youtube video you saw.

The info on the website does say track touring for street cars. When we have run track touring in the past at BFR it has been street cars only, no helmets and a speed limit or pace car.

For this to be an HPDE type event they would need you to register, tech the cars, bring in corner working staff, have medical and rescue on site. I don't see them doing this for only two hours. I could be wrong though.
It's more than two hours depending on how fast we finish the work. Some of these tire wall days have been 3 hours. The vids are on youtube, just type in Black hawk farms tire wall days. One was taken from outside at a corner, and the C5, and 350Z that whized by were definitely at almost race pace. The last open house I did at gingerman for the end of last fall, had us all come off the street, sign a waiver, and run at the track. All you need is to have folks sign a waiver for HPDE. It's obviously your liability if any issues.
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