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Originally Posted by s4play View Post
On a side-note I checked out your link and didn't realize you were so into this car PC thing. I built one in my e46 m3 but after many late nights tinkering I finally gave it up. PC's in cars sound good and I compare it to 3D TV at home. First few trips is cool but eventually gets to the point of too much hassle. If you love Android so much why not just implement a Nexus or iPad into the car? Not saying your work isn't cool but it's just more work than it's work for the average guy who bought a performance car. Few will want to rip their cars apart for such integration.

*All of this is really a bit off topic since it has nothing to do with V1's and more to do with in car entertainment at this point.
At one point I had an Acura Legend in which I placed a 7" touchscreen mated to a Dell 140G computer.

For a few months, I also had a Galaxy Tab in my VehiCROSS that functioned as the head unit, but eventually I removed that b/c I wanted something a bit simpler. I ended up w/a wireless bluetooth headset, and use my phone to stream music straight into the amp.

I like Android, but not to the point of completely destroying the car to get it to work *lol*, which is what a tablet install would do. The way it is set up now, it is pretty integrated into the OEM setup, I didn't really have to tear apart anything to get the current setup to work. The install keeps the OEM look, which is what I like. It doesn't look any different than any other 3 series interior, except for the camera being in there. The most time consuming part was the modmynav install. It took me all of about 2 hours to get everything else completely done, 90 mins of that time disassembling the HD camera so that I could mount it.

I don't like the display down low in the dash; the OEM display has perfect line of sight. The only way it could get better is if a heads up display was possible, and given the BMWs that have that available, I've been researching a retrofit of sorts using a Pico projector. Still undecided on that one, though.

I originally wanted to replace everything with one of these, but they don't have a 8.8" screens, nor integration for the various M functions, as of yet. And it is running on Windows CE *cringe*. They have some Android-based setups, like the unit for the E46 When/if they combine that w/the 8.8" setup, I might have to rethink things, as that screen is a true HD touchscreen.