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Originally Posted by BrokenVert View Post
Its still snowing in syracuse. We became the snowiest US city this year thanks to the past few days.
I'm starting to think I should move back to warmer parts of the country, I can't do cold for this many months of the year anymore!

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Enjoy! What are you planning on shooting with today? I came thissss close to buying an RTF compact Glock a few days ago, but ultimately was able to resist.
I just picked up a Walther PPS and Springfield EMP that I "need" to get some rounds through to determine which is going to get the new carry duty. Few of my buddies are going to be bringing various full auto things they have acquired over the years as well as well as the more traditional ARs. There is always a bunch of long rifles in almost any caliber that you want to shoot that show up too. I will probably bring out my Mark XIX Desert Eagle because who doesn't want to shoot a .50AE when given the chance? I think one of my buddies is bringing out some shotguns and clay too, I never know until we get there. One of the guys who is bringing out some of the auto stuff hinted he may bring his .50 rifle as well.
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I can never have cross dressing fun nothing ever fits!