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My New Detailing Tool - A Vehicle Dryer

Recently I started to use a foam cannon, and that, alone, blew me away with the results, and the time savings. I couldn't believe just how much cleaner my cars looked. Fast forward to drying, I use microfiber, however, upon viewing a detailing video recently, I decided to search for an electric blower. I have a Stihl backpack blower, but it's noisy, smelly, yet highly effective, but annoys the neighbors. So, I am coming from a position of currently owning the best blower out there (IMHO). Based on the fact that Stihl products are German engineered + bulletproof, I decided to return to that brand to seek out a cordless rechargeable blower. I found the BGA 85 and purchased it on the spot - $535 including tax. Now you may think this is expensive, but then, like our cars, you get what you pay for, and it's a Stihl, it'll last forever. A big plus for me is that this tool saves time, and because I am not towel drying, saves me from irritating my tennis elbow (I don't play tennis, but I have that injury, chronically, and it sucks, drying or washing a car with mitts and towels aggravates the injury and tends to keep me off of my mountain bike, unacceptable in my opinion). The blower runs for 20 minutes at a speed of 103mph, plenty to dry two cars, and blow water out of those annoying places that seem to drip crud and water for hours after a wash - you now what I am talking about, the mirrors on all of our cars and the rear spoiler on an X5! The photographs show the blower alone, and the blower with the battery removed. Something you get used to very quickly is not having to premix gas (2 Stroke Blowers), fill the blower with gas etcetera. You simply pick this blower up and push the button!
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