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Originally Posted by SROC5 View Post
Have you tracked the 575 on the ring for multiple sessions? How did it do? Any issues? Did you have to upgrade to a BBK to reign / manage the stopping power?
under the vid go on my channel, i have a few ring vids. I did about 40 laps with the SC and about 60 without. My best so far was 7:45 with Nitto Nt01 and half worn brake pads. Brake system is the weak point on the m3. You can really get them cooking in the first lap if you are not careful. I usually am able to do 2 laps before they come useless. BBK is a must to get full potential of the SC. Track use was my main concern. Here are the positive of having the SC: low end power. I'm a manual, and now i can stay in higher gear in more places (like no need to go down to 2nd anymore, and 4th is more useful). The only real issue is temps... she does get hotter than stock. normal driving, there are no problems, but once on track, yea, you see it...