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Originally Posted by RaceMX-M3 View Post
IMO laser detectors are useless, unless you're faster than the speed of light by the time the alert goes off you're toast. If you see a lot of laser where you drive a laser jammer is the only reliable defense. That said, if you want to rely on the V1 for laser alerts installing it on the side rail of a rear headrest is the last place you want it. Mike Valentine recommends placing it high on the front windshield for optimal laser alerts. I personally prefer the Escort 9500ci for a true stealth installation but if you're a die hard V1 fan has the best solutions.
I respect your opinion but I've done a lot of these tests with a friend and his laser gun and it works just fine in the rear of the car. I have a similar location/setup in my s2000 and NSX, and both have performed flawlessly.

The remote display in mirror is strictly for looks, it does not contribute to the performance of the V1 for better or worse.

Originally Posted by whats77inaname View Post
Dollars to donuts, when anyone that has a radar detector has it go off, the *audible* alert is what gets their attention first, they start slowing, and THEN they check the visual.

My V1 display will be showing on my iDrive screen shortly, so the sunglasses tray setup will just be a redundancy in the not too distant future
I guess this is just personal taste, I always look at my display simultaneously when I hear the beep to see where it's coming from. I scan my mirrors also often to watch for bogey's sneaking up behind me trying to pace me. All of this is basic defensive driving that cannot be substituted by any radar detector.

On a side-note I checked out your link and didn't realize you were so into this car PC thing. I built one in my e46 m3 but after many late nights tinkering I finally gave it up. PC's in cars sound good and I compare it to 3D TV at home. First few trips is cool but eventually gets to the point of too much hassle. If you love Android so much why not just implement a Nexus or iPad into the car? Not saying your work isn't cool but it's just more work than it's work for the average guy who bought a performance car. Few will want to rip their cars apart for such integration.

V1 has their new Bluetooth module to display on the phone if you are one of those guys who likes to drive with their phone mounted to their windshield ~ I am not one of them but appreciate the thought.

Of course the M3 does not have this much dash space but I think eventually it's possible to put an iPad mini in there if I really wanted to.

*All of this is really a bit off topic since it has nothing to do with V1's and more to do with in car entertainment at this point.

here's my iPad setup in a Hummer:

and I do have the app on my Samsung but hardly use it:
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