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Originally Posted by Drifty// View Post
First of all, thanks for the reply. I'm here to learn, and I appreciate anyone willing to share some knowledge.

Well, I'm no expert, but it seems to me that smaller pad friction area translates into higher temps, since you're using less area to apply roughly the same amount of torque. Whether by adhesion or abrasion, it still amounts to converting kinetic energy into heat. So, as long as two brake kits allow one to apply the same amount of torque, then the same heat is divided over a larger or smaller pad area.

And I'd guess higher temps would accelerate pad wear, if not also rotor wear.

Are you saying this somehow isn't true, or just that the amount of delta is too small to have a significant effect?
My point is that at the level of performance we're talking about, the difference will not be detectable. With the right pads, like PFC-01's, all of the top-end aftermarket kits at this level are more than capable of hauling an E9x down from top speed without a problem, lap after lap.