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Originally Posted by meko View Post
I was considering same thing. Is this a possible addition that can be made to reduce understeer without going with camber plates or any other suspension modification?
That's what I would like to know. Hopefully less understeer. Preferably neutral with zcp springs. I don't want to change springs. Was planning on only pulling the front pins for more camber. Trying to stay in stock class for autox, which allows front bar as only suspension mod.
Originally Posted by thekurgan View Post
Subscribed. That was a great article in Roundel.
Yes, it was. I like how Marsal talked about the mods he would do to a stock M3 especially the front sway bar.
Originally Posted by JJunkins View Post
Kaotik, much like you I do a few events a year and improving cornering while reducing understeer is a priority for me. The Roundel/Turner/LR article introduced me to a few cheaper mods that would get me in the game without breaking the wallet. My first order is to install KW sleeves and SS brake lines. I went down a long road of researching different springs, talking to vendors, clients, and other enthusiasts. KW received much warmer welcomes over H&R. I know this doesn't relate much to your sway bar question... regardless, Turner and Dinan can both be trusted.
SS brake lines are in the future if I go BBK. Right now just ATE brake fluid and stoptech street performance pads. Heard a lot of good things about KW.
Originally Posted by Jbook View Post
I just added the Dinan front sway to my Stage 1 suspension and I think the effect was noticeable when it comes to understeer and body roll. I haven't pushed the car REALLY hard, but I can definitely tell the difference.
Let us know how it feels when you get a chance to push it in a safe environment like the track or autox. I'm a little worried about the dinan being a tad too much front bar compared to H&R for stock or zcp suspension. Reasoning is from a review where someone said the dinan bar resulted in oversteer, which is the last thing I want. Not sure what suspension he was running. At same time, did not see any reviews of the H&R except turners.
Originally Posted by Richbot View Post
I'm using the RD Sport front bar, you can buy it alone directly from RDSport. Stiffer and with more adjustability than the other options out there.
Is the front bar all you have for suspension mods? If yes, how's the handling feel and at what setting/hole? Also, any noise from the urethane bushings? The 30 mm size from the RD Sport threw me off when comparing it to the dinan and H&R but just noticed it was hallow, so it negates the size difference some what.
Originally Posted by kaiv View Post
Eibach is coming up with sway bars for the E9x. They will literally be out in a matter of weeks. I will have a set installed right away and will be happy to post my impressions (I track a lot )
Keep us posted. I didn't know eibach was coming out with them. Do you have any info on what size the bars will be and if they will be solid or hollow? Heard rear one is a pain to install.
Originally Posted by S65Tom View Post
I have the dinan sway sitting in the living room with some bimmerworld front control/thrust arm bearings, going in friday. Hopefully a noticeable difference in some way between the two.
From research, you should notice a difference with the dinan bar. What other suspension mods do you have already installed?
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