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The fuel filter is inside the fuel tank

Personally I'd go with something similar to this

Oil/Filter change - 5000-7500 depending on your driving habits and how anal you are

Spark plugs - 37k is the factory suggestion I believe and that's what I would go with but a part of me still think platinum plugs should be able to last 60k min

Air Filter - If you have a washable one just wash it every time you do an oil change, if you have the OEM one replace it every 15k miles.

Transmission/Differential oil - 30k miles

Coolant - every 2 years

Engine drive belts - 60k miles but realistically you can just look at it and see if it needs to be replaced (it'll be cracked or start squealing if it's really worn). YMMV

Brake fluid - Every year is the recommendation but PERSONALLY i think every 2 years is not a problem at all unless you drive your car very hard consistently (or track the car).

The following 2 items can vary greatly depending on your driving habits but you can visually see if the pads are worn.

Brake Pads - Every 30k

Brake Rotors - Every other brake pad change so around 60k

Fuel Filter - change on an as needed basis since it's inside the fuel tank and not easy to get to

Power Steering fluid - Personally I think this could very well be an actual lifetime fill item but you might as well just change it around 60k miles

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