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Originally Posted by flea333 View Post
So you're saying the 335 with the right tunes is the same as M3? Why even get M3 then? A 335is owner told me "it's basically an M3 for much cheaper."

If I can save 30k on a 335is and still hit 3.5's I'd be happy with that. Main reason is I hate the simple interior of the M3, doesn't look luxurious at all, cheap bastards.
If 0-60 is all that you are after, then the M3 is not the car for you.

And you won't be able to replicate 0-60 in 3.5 seconds with a 335is. Yes I did it with a 335i, but I had the auto tranny which is not an option in the 335is. You only have the 6speed manual and the DCT. You will never be able to launch those as easily as the 6AT. Maybe 4.0 (with it spinning in 1st) if you get an LSD (which could be as much as $3K) and the correct tune...which is about where a stock M3 is at. And the 335is is priced very close to the M3.

My M3 serves as my track car and airstrip car. 0-60 is irrelevent for both. What is relevant to me is 40-160mph. And how fast I can get around a track. A 335 (whether 335i, 335is or 335xi) is not comparable at all. Even my 335i that had coil overs, wheels/tires, a limited slip diff, Procede and meth injection couldn't compare against a stock M3 at the track. Yes it was quick off the line, and in a straight line, but not at the track.

And the owner who said his 335is is "basically an M3 for much cheaper"...well...

Good luck with your decision.
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