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So I still do not have the car back from trying to get an inspection sticker. The cars O2 sensors will not adapt to the car at all with this driving cycles.

The SC is VF. They have been great through the whole process from the beginning. Unfortunately they have never seen this happen so they are trying to replicate the problem.

So frustrating when the car is in as stock for as it can be and is having issues. When the Dinan x pipe is on I never have problems!

Stupid MA and these O2 sensor readiness files!!!

Thanks Endless I think will all this none sense I have been on edge for sure.

I just want that car out of there and I'm worried to see the bill for this that's for sure!

Everytime I go see the car I see another small scratch from someone rubbing up or looking at it too closely and I just did an entire paint correction on the car.