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Originally Posted by Richard@M-World View Post
Here is a document which may help you get a basic understanding of adjusting alignment and pressure to control tire temperatures.

Tire temperatures change rapidly as you go through different sections of the track; therefore there is a very limited window to get a meaningful measurement of tire temperatures. You should be doing multiple, consistent HOT laps (measure using lap times), and then immediately go into the hot pit to take measurements. If you cooled down for even half a lap, the temperature data would not be very useful.

On a properly driven 1M/M3 with stock suspension, you should be seeing much higher temperatures on the outer edge of each tire. Your temperatures are very even across the width of each tire which makes me wonder if you waited too long to get your measurements.
Thanks for the link. Much of it is not as intuitive as I'd like -- still lots to learn.
From your description of proper tire temperature checks it is apparent that I waited much too long to obtain the temperature data. I generally did at least half a cooldown lap in addition to some waiting in line to get measurements taken. One of the guys said that he likes to see even temps across the tire. Is this an accurate statement?

In any event I'm likely getting a little ahead of myself trying to analyze this data when I should probably be focusing on smooth inputs and enjoying myself on the track.