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Lots of good advice here from actual instructors. I would just like to add: take into consideration the track and conditions. It is one thing if the track is dry with very few walls to hit. It is another if it is wet at a track that will eat your car if you make a mistake. I am not familiar with the tracks you are going to but there are two in the Pacific NW (PIR &PR) that require extra precaution. I have a couple of friends that have totaled their newer M3 and another that totaled not one but two the wet, in the typical spot people mess up. Not to scare any newbies but you might not understand grip levels until you have 3+ years under your belt running all year in all conditions. So listen to your local instructors/organizers. Ask questions about conditions and where people make mistakes. Also understand that some of the advice here is is from a warm and dry climate. If you do run with traction control or MDM just be aware of when it steps in and try to keep it from engaging. Turn it off as soon as you are comfortable and the conditions allow.