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Originally Posted by TheDeliverator View Post
I'm in for seeing how you accomplish this. Near as I can figure... Run a V1C with android\iPhone display running to the car's display (via modmymav, et al)? Problem is you'd still have to have the phone visible to manage the custom sweeps. I've been exploring a similar setup to display Waze on the vehicles display.
Partially correct. I'm not running the display through modmynav, I'm running a full Android computer through it. Simple enough to run the V1 app (and Waze, thanks, didn't know about that!) directly from the Android PC. When I set the sweeps, etc that I want, I can turn the screen back to any other app I'm currently using (primarily Poweramp) and it'll run in the background.

Valentine 1 has some work to do on the app, but it's coming along. My primary gripe right now is that it doesn't offer landscape, only portrait, but they're actively working on it, so I can see landscape happening in the very near future.

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