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BMW CCA teaches instructors to be indifferent regards to DSC. I agree with the above approaches but I really don't feel comfortable recommending.

If I sense the nannies are getting in the way or creating dangerous habits I usually demand we go for a ride in my car and I demo the three settings for them and tell them what I'm doing with the pedals and ask them to feel for it. It's usually pretty eye opening to have the car work to keep me on the track and in check.

It's hard to teach a new student these dynamics because they are rarely flirting with the limits...they either are always way under or once in a while go way over. When they go way over their focus shifts to "fight or flight" and they can't feel what the car is doing for them (other than relief it's over ).

I did that event back in 2008 and really learned a ton of car control both on Jefferson and the skidpad at Jefferson. This made the Monday on Summit Main so much fun. I only had about 8-9 days under my belt at this point. I look back on this three day event as one of the best in memory.

If you can request an instructor...ask the registrar ahead of time if David Ortiz is instructing and request him.