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Originally Posted by gan1hck View Post
I was fortunate enough to have been one of his students, and agree with everything that he says.

I have so far been on track with MDM or Euro MDM on at all times......I suspect that the computer nanny has probably saved me once or twice......but I feel that I've learned enough fundamentals that I'm planning on going with DSC off at my next outing.

For reference....a total of 5 de days at the same track.
Thanks for the kind words. You have a good enough feel for the car to run DSC off IMO, I would just never actually "advise" someone to take more risks with their car than DSC/MDM on. Just be prepared to have to feather the throttle and/or countersteer, you'll be fine!

I guess my earlier post also overlooked the fact that many students have goals other than becoming a racer. I have had students tell me that they just want to run 8/10 forever and have a good time, without ever worrying about lap times at all. In that case MDM/DSC can be a nice protection, since the driver won't ever need the skills he/she is failing to develop due to the driver aids.

I'm not immune to driver aid disadvantages either! I have driven lots of fast cars on tracks for years, but every one had ABS. Now that I have a car with no aids, I'm having to learn braking all over again. Many modern cars have such effective ABS systems that they can interfere (slightly) fairly frequently.
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