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Originally Posted by adc View Post
Disagree on the mileage comment. The Corvette gets better mileage because it's much lighter and more aerodynamic probably. The Camaro, not so much.

How so, exactly? what pioneering tour de force do these engines accomplish?

They are just now introducing technologies in the new Vette engines which have been employed elsewhere, or even inside GM, for decades. The truth is that they are engineered to a specific price point, so GM can make money when they install it in a $40,000 car. They aren't engineered to be the best, so while nobody should disparage them or deny that the end result is a good engine, I think it's fair that we shouldn't really either stand in awe at the magic involved. Because there isn't any.
No, it will get substantially better mileage because the torque of the LS7 enables gearing that is more efficient.

All engines and everything manufactured by every automaker is made to a price point. Save the fanboy stuff for someone else because I don't subscribe. I would say that perhaps you should stand in awe of them because their combination of power, packaging, and weight is unrivaled by any manufacturer at any price. Don't believe it, try and find an engine from another automaker that is equally sized and of equal weight that can deliver the same economy while producing the same power as installed in another car. Any car, any price, any engine. You will fail.

I personally would not buy any Chevy except the Corvette and think that GM has done some of the worst cars made in recent history but I still have to recognize that their V8 development is now producing some truly great engines even if they don't have an important badge on them that makes them palatable to some folks here.
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