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Originally Posted by Denk View Post
Well almost, gotta shave some of the spring perch too if you wanna get all of the stock travel back. Whether or not you'd notice is another story. From experience when I was dropped on H&R and Eibach's w/o any other mods, the ride was bouncy, more so on the H&R's. When I went a Dinan Stage 1 the ride was superb as was my last eibach with shaved mounts and e36 bumpstops. Made a believer out of me, truth is in the pudding.
Okay. Ill probably just go with the e36 m3 front bump stops. Im unaware as to the proper procedure, depth, and "safety" measures to take when shaving the spring perch (thought it was the upper strut mount anyways)

One last thing, do you have to change the REAR SHOCK MOUNT or modify it for the .6" rear drop? Or is the shock going to be okay with that.

Lastly, is it true the ZCP cars with eibach springs will sit lower than non ZCP cars with eibach springs? I heard some perches or mounts are thinner. If you could clarify i would greatly appreciate it.