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Big thanks for that great testimonial. You've removed 95% of my doubts about this kit, especially since I don't plan to mod the engine.

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With the rotor, you have a choice of slotted-only, or slotted and drilled.
I'm pretty sure the strap drive rotors are slotted, only. But, if you really care, just call AP and see what they can offer.

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-You need to come up with a reliable way to remove wheels so that when you pull them off, the barrels don't come crashing down on the calipers and scratch them.
I use this:
Lug Bolt Guide Tools
I've also seen it referred to as a wheel hanger. The tire change kit for my Audi had a plastic one, and I liked it so much I bought this one for the M3. The only tricky part is to keep the front wheel from spinning, but I've gotten pretty good at using my toes (while sitting on my jack case) to help guide the wheels on and off. My first worry is about bending the dust guards.

Actually, it was traumatic experiences with the Audi's pinch welds that sent me searching for the correct tools to jack the M3. I made sure to have those in hand from day one.