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Originally Posted by crabman View Post
Before you knock those Chevy engines you might consider that an LS7 is on par in terms of weight and size with our S65 and produces nearly 100 more hp while simultaneously delivering much better mileage.
Disagree on the mileage comment. The Corvette gets better mileage because it's much lighter and more aerodynamic probably. The Camaro, not so much.

A whole lot of people make the mistake of thinking that these engines are archaic but nothing could be further from the truth. They are some of the most technologically developed engines currently being sold and in every respect cutting edge.
How so, exactly? what pioneering tour de force do these engines accomplish?

They are just now introducing technologies in the new Vette engines which have been employed elsewhere, or even inside GM, for decades. The truth is that they are engineered to a specific price point, so GM can make money when they install it in a $40,000 car. They aren't engineered to be the best, so while nobody should disparage them or deny that the end result is a good engine, I think it's fair that we shouldn't really either stand in awe at the magic involved. Because there isn't any.

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