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Good posts above - and I agree with ThunderMoose.

Specific to this particular event - I am assuming that you are going out with DelVal? I so - keep in mind that on Day 1 you are running Jefferson. A good first-time on track learning track. Talk to your instructor. Some organizations have policies about whether your instructor can suggest DSC/MDM state.

Day 2 you are on the same track - in the opposite direction. The track will look different - so I recommend that you initially enable DSC *if* you turned it off late in the previous day - because the track and turns will look completely different.

Day 3 you are on Summit Main. A totally different track in almost every way. Plenty of elevation changes, on and off-camber, more speed and other driver challenges. Think of Main circuit as a new learning experience from the previous two days. Treat Turn 9 with respect and do not turn into it early.

I'll see you there. Stop by and say hello.