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Issue with driving cycle: supercharged and trying to pass inspection


I wanted to reach out the community to those that have inspection laws that would require swapping their stock x pipe over in order to pass inspection.

I just supercharged the car in December of last year and march was my inspection month for this year.

We swapped over the stock x pipe for the readiness of the O2 sensors. In the past two inspections (I live in MA so we need to do inspection yearly and they plug into the OBD for readings) I had Dinan x pipe and software. No big deal as I would go and do the swap and have the car with the Dinan x pipe back on the car and a new sticker.

With the supercharger, we are having a hard time with the car adapting to all the driving cycles. We got 2 or three done, but the O2 sensors are not picking up (even when switched over to the stock x pipe and O2 sensor file).

Just wondering if anyone in CA, NY or other states with strict inspection protocols have had the same issue or something similar.

Been working with my SC vendor and this is something that has not happened and are working on recreating. Just been frustrating since my dealer has been doing the work and its getting Expensive for a $35 sticker.

Car has been there for a week now and I am about to just get a fail sticker just so I can drive it out of here and get it into my garage as I hate leaving it there. Seeing more small scratches on it from people walking near or looking at the car.

Any advice is greatly appreciated all.