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And what the h3ll is wrong with the new M e92 fuel consuption....???? 12-13 miles per gallon is this an M5? huh...

As much as I hate to say it (especially here in this forum), I think I will be going to buy a good ol' corvette that will give me good mpg, simple engine to repair, and mod, less $$$ (most likely), excelent handling, excelent accel, above average steering, and excellent braking.

I am confused - every day I am going back to the sweet memories of my old e30 M, and then I come back to reality, and wanna buy a vette, but then sweem memopries from the M come back, and I want to buy the new M e92...

I have no clue what the h3ll I am going to do at the end. But BMW has to really impress me with the price on the new e92 M to get it over the vette.

If BMW is lisening - hey hey hey (Increase the base price of the new M e92 by 10% from 2006 model)
Sure a Vette gets great gas mileage when you driving 70mph in 6th gear. The new M3 I am sure will have decent MPG when driven in 6th at highway speeds. But please people can we put things in context here. The 12-13MPG were ahieved during the course of full day of road testing which included flogging and normal driving. Honestly my E36 M3 doesnt get much better gas mileage than that when I am having fun.

I really could never own a performance car that still uses Leaf Springs so the Vette is out for me.

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