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Originally Posted by bronco View Post
And what the h3ll is wrong with the new M e92 fuel consuption....???? 12-13 miles per gallon is this an M5? huh...

As much as I hate to say it (especially here in this forum), I think I will be going to buy a good ol' corvette that will give me good mpg, simple engine to repair, and mod, less $$$ (most likely), excelent handling, excelent accel, above average steering, and excellent braking.

I am confused - every day I am going back to the sweet memories of my old e30 M, and then I come back to reality, and wanna buy a vette, but then sweem memopries from the M come back, and I want to buy the new M e92...

I have no clue what the h3ll I am going to do at the end. But BMW has to really impress me with the price on the new e92 M to get it over the vette.

If BMW is lisening - hey hey hey (Increase the base price of the new M e92 by 10% from 2006 model)
Steved found a big improvement with mileage when he drove it in England. It surely helped that he didn't flog it continually like he did in Spain.