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Originally Posted by M3amigos View Post
FYI there are some inexpensive alternatives out there, such as the so called ebay brands. Search online for Speed Daddy or TopSpeed, they both have full x-pipe upgrades for under $600. Also in the Mid-Range, borla has a quad resonated x-pipe for around $1200. Many have gone the custom route also, which should produce similar gains but of course depends on the quality of the fabrication. The OEM xpipe is said to be built pretty well, so if you don't mind hacking it up, you could have a shop replace the cats with straight pipe or resonators and achieve good results.

I'm in the same boat at the moment looking for a simple inexpensive x-pipe solution...I'm leaning toward test pipes to replace the primaries only, since a full catless x-pipe may be a little loud for my taste.
I'm basically wondering the PRO/CON (mostly as for as performance and power) between...
1) test pipes removing the primary cat...all else stock
2) straight pipes through the muffler...all else stock
3) cheap x-pipe...all else stock
4) test pipes and x-pipe

***test pipes and Remus Race*** (still expensive, but I had a Remus on e and loved it so much)

Exhaust is normally such a simple thing, but the way they have the cats on these and the exorbitant cost of some of these brands is just unreal

I get frustrated b/c there is a million vids of "e92 straight pipes" but the EXACT setup remains a mystery. Some are truly header out the back straight pipe, some aren't...I want to believe that a truly great performance/sound combo can be had under $1,000