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Originally Posted by Jophy View Post
Is this Mt. Diablo? Great shots btw and sick car!
No this is in East San Jose, near Calaveras Road. I've yet to go to Mt Diablo, but will be moving in that area in a few months.
Originally Posted by leemik View Post
beautiful pix!! but we all know it's not the camera that makes the photographer

I like the RX1 a lot.. I think it's over priced for having a fixed lens though

True about the photographer, but this camera really takes photos on par with my 5D Mark III with my 35mm L lens. I consider it a bargain for that feat. I'm pretty sure the lens alone on this camera would sell for at least $1500 if it wasn't a fixed lens system.
Originally Posted by GOLFFRR View Post
wow very impressive.

how much post work has gone into these pics?
I usually do most of the raw file editing in aperture or lightroom. Bring out all the colors the way I want. Then I'll spend some time making the photo pop as well as clean up in photoshop. All the photos I post go through post work as does the photos of all the talented photographers on this board. Non-edited photos just look sterile.
Originally Posted by CSanto View Post
Great review. Do you think there are any other compact cameras to take a look at? I totally agree with you on the bulky DSLR and lenses. It's one of the reasons I havent pulled the trigger on one yet. I ask myself when I'll really use it. I'm just trying to take very nice pictures without the fuss!
I've heard good things about Sony's mirrorless lineup. I haven't used any myself. If a camera doesn't take photos as well as my 5D, I'd rather just use my 5D. So in that sense, this is the first and only compact camera that's a true winner for me.
Originally Posted by Jason View Post
Excellent camera and pics! Love my RX1 as well.

Our recent auto show coverage photos (Geneva and NY) were all shot with the RX1 -->
Very cool! I would never have guessed.
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