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Originally Posted by aussiem3 View Post
I have filled BP Ultimate (RON 98) from day 1 in my car and given the claim made by BP - "BP Ultimate Unleaded and BP Ultimate Diesel have outstanding cleaning properties. Not only can they prevent the build-up of deposits, they are formulated to help clean away existing ones, making your engine feel and run much more like new again," I am surprised there is build up on the plugs.

About 6 months ago I ran a bottle of Liqui Moly Fuel System Conditioner and this is what's claimed by Liqui Moly - "Liqui Moly Fuel System Cleaner / Conditioner is ideal for high performance engines as fuel flow and atomisation is critical. It can also be used to detox a fuel system that has starting or hesitation problems, rough idling, poor acceleration or above normal exhaust emissions. This concentrated formula with its intense detox is more effective than most fuel injection cleaners. It fully restores horsepower and efficiency through its deep cleaning action that removes stubborn build-ups of carbon & deposits. The special conditioners protect the entire system from fuel tank to combustion chamber, allowing optimum fuel flow for 10,000km. Suitable for both petrol and diesel engines that are carburettor, fuel injected or direct injected. Safe for all catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, and diesel particulate filters."
And also...i was engine use not so match oil as others do !
So my conclusion is....i don't know the real cause of the bad condition of spark plugs

With all these look at the build up on the plugs that have done 37k km over five years. These kms have been mainly city and short runs.

So I don't know what the cause of the build up we see given all the cleaning we do.
Yeah....i'm 100% agreed....
But...i'm someone that alway's observes and examine things,and also details on my car !
Now...the Liqui Moly fuel system cleaner i know also,it's works with a higher combustion,and cleans everething like aussiem3 describes
But personelly i have noticed that when i filled up with Shell V-Power Plus 98 RON and they claim,a cleaner engine, more power for high performance engines, and more miles with a fill up !
I my case...NOT !!!
I noticed with Shell,Texaco,Total,Lukoil,Oeral, Q8 all 98-RON and others that i forgot....with these brands of fuel...inside my exhaust tips looked like black coals !!!
Except one brand....Esso,and with Esso my exhaust tips,even after 300 miles are match cleaner and i can see even the chrome !
So i use only one brand....Esso 98 Ron And this explains maybe my cleaner spark plugs ?!?!
I even told this to my BMW dealer,an they had a strange look,and ansered me...there is a lot of crap out there ?!?! So ....
But i know one thing....i stay with Esso,and sory again but my spark plugs looks far better than on the pictures one this page !
And also my engine consume less oil than others do,but the real cause of the bad looking spark plugs....i don't know
BTW...the spark plugs from Radiation Joe are looking better than the others !

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