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I wanted to start a thread on this...but I guess I'm too new...sorry if slight hijack...

but, has anyone just gone to a really reputable exhaust shop (with a mandrel bend) and had them make an x-pipe or straight pipe? You could give them the specs (as far as diameter)...anyone?

Basically, I have owned two Cobras and am now looking to buy an e92 instead of a '11 GT500...

But, I seriously just can not fathom $2,300 for an x-pipe (I think it was AA...could be wrong)....over 2 GRAND?! for some metal piping? Then, I checked out the Turner test pipes...still, $400 for essentially two small sections of straight pipe?!

I fully expect a "well it's not a Mustang" type response. I fully realize what I'm dealing with here. But, this isn't suspension or even a tune. I don't care how much money I make this year...How can anyone live with themselves after paying $2,300 for a simple x-pipe?

What am I missing here?
What's the big down-side to just getting a custom straight pipe and/or x-pipe?
Do people really pay $2k+ for an x-pipe?

Thanks for any help, I want to get into M3's...but if this is standard I may just stay away