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I just moved from sunny Arizona to freezing ass cold NY and starting noticing this same the car has to warm up or something. This is my 6th BMW and I always like to clean the ICV but I usually will do this when I need to take the intake off...which is a hassle! I let it run for about a minute and it goes away and I have a smooth idle. I'm throwing no codes but I know it never used to do this in Arizona. I used to travel for work and within 1 year of owning the car I had only driven it three times for about a week at a time. Now I driving it everyday and its getting annoying. Is there anything I can do to clean this without removing it? I like my cars to run smooth and I've never had a BMW break down on me in 10 years of owning one. The inline 6 is one thing but this V8 is another....its a very tight squeeze in the engine bay! A quick fix it needed please
I think we are talking about a different issue. Mine is as the OP stated, it only happens when driving off right after it starts and the engine jumps around a bit . My idle don't really jump around if I am not moving. I just let it run for like 20 seconds on start up before driving off and I don't experience the jumpy/jerky engine response. You might have a different issue with the ICV which seems to be a common thing on this engine. Hope you find the issue.