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Originally Posted by jbraslins View Post
First impressions after alignment.

Since I am going to do HPDE @ VIR next weekend, I set initial shock adjustment at 7 clicks from stiffest (which is what manual recommends as track setup).

I drove the car like that on the bumpy roads I am used too, and all I have to say is wow. The car feels stiffer, but less harsh. I can feel the bumps, but I can feel that they are absorbed without upsetting the car. Turn in is amazing. Mid-corner stability too. Biggest difference can be felt in the rear going over bumps and crests mid-corner. Car used to be way to bouncy there. Side-step a lil and just feel nervous. Now it feels 100% composed. There's no detectable body roll. Far less than with OEM EDC shocks and H&R sports lowering springs. No detectable squat on hard acceleration out of corners.

Quite frankly from 35..50 minutes of driving it today, I am tempted to leave it like this (7 clicks from stiffest) for daily driving. That also makes me wonder if perhaps at the track they might be a tad too soft. But I'll know next week.

Overall, for street/twisties .... THIS IS A CLEAR WIN. Comfort and performance are both there and far better than OEM. Love it.
Great review! I will 100% go for this in few month, after I got back to US~

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