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This is the shape for the e92 m3 N caliper (both 380 and 365). I just swapped in my set of me20 today. Thickness including backing plate is 18mm. These pads are very very large.

IMO a larger friction area should distribute more effectively, leading to lower wear rate. Stopping power is not affected.

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Indeed, my "internet research" seems to indicate that the Brembo 07.9551.13 pad (which I think is the model for their 6-pot GT caliper) has a pad area of 189 mm (length) by 58 mm (radial) vs. the AP Racing pad's 150 mm (length) by 54 mm (radial).

If those numbers are correct (and that's a big if), it would mean the GT caliper has a pad area 35% greater. I know pad area isn't everything, but that's hard to overlook (though it basically just translates into burning through pads & rotors faster).

Can anyone with actual knowledge comment on this?

AP lists the pad area of their CP3894D54 pad as 77.44 cm^2 (source: I can't find a comparable spec for Brembo's 07.9551.13 pad, nor actual confirmation from Brembo that this is the correct pad for the Monobloc 6-piston GT Kit# 1NX.XXXX (and I can only find a hint, in their application sheet, that this is the correct caliper for the E92).

[AP definitely wins on the amount of specs they provide. Does Brembo really have no datasheets or mechanical drawings on their website?]