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New Camera Review: Sony RX1 (with photos)

I know the title doesn't really fit this forum, but I just wanted to share a few photos from my new camera which I have fallen in love with. Some of you know I've been shooting with a 5D Mark II and now a Mark III. While I love my DSLRs and lenses, I've always found them too bulky to carry around with me. This means I only bring them out when I'm planning a photoshoot of some sort. Last minute impromptu photoshoots when I happen to drive by a great location end up getting shot with my iPhone and while it's a great camera for a phone, it's crap compared to my 5D.

When Canon released their first mirrorless camera, the EOS M, I was really excited. I bought one immediately along with the EF lens mount so I could use all of my lenses with this tiny camera. The image quality was good, but not as good as my 5D. It also couldn't focus worth anything. I ended up never carrying it around or using it.

Fast forward a few months later and heard about this new compact camera from Sony. I heard nothing but good things about it and learned that this camera was about 3 grand. Pricey, but I was extremely intrigued. Why is it so expensive? Well it's a full-frame 35mm compact camera. That alone sounded like a dream. So I did research, looked at photo samples, and just fell in love with what this camera could do. A few days later, I placed my order on amazon.

I've had this camera for almost a month now and I take it almost everywhere I go. It's the most fun I've had with a camera ever. Aperture and shutter speed are physical controls on the camera. It's made for the serious photographer. So what's so great about? The images it captures are just stunning. They are just as good and in some cases, better than what I take with my 5D Mark III. It has amazing low light capabilities and beautiful bokeh. The controls all feel great and the build quality matches the price.

There are downsides. For some, the fixed 35mm lens is a negative. You can't swap lenses. Personally I love this because it forces you to be creative as well as not have to carry around lenses everywhere. 35mm is a great focal length for most automotive photography. I use a 16-35 for automotive photography and probably 90% of the time I'm shooting at 35mm.

Another downside is the autofocus in low light. It's slow or just doesn't work. I just focus manually in those situations. The other issue is battery life. It just sucks. You'll probably go through about 3-4 batteries before you can fill a 32 or 64 gb memory card with this camera.

Anyways, I just wanted to share my love for this camera as a photographer and it's definitely worth looking into this amazing gem if you want great quality images without all the bulk. I went out for a drive today and took some photos of the car to share what this camera can do. I haven't used my 5D since I got this camera.

Here's DP Review's review of the camera:

Which one would I rather carry around with me all the time?

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