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Originally Posted by Atomicflow View Post
Hey guys - this is a long overdue post, but with the two semi-decent days of weather I just couldn't resist getting a small Zaino fix in! I'm the proud owner of the 09 AB M3 formerly owned by TTBear, whom i can't say enough good things about, story for another day when a full YQR to YYZ review is complete... she's been living in Toronto for just over a year now. Light was a little flat later in the day by the time I was able to get out for a drive, but even in this light the depth of Azurite stands out. More pics in a week or two once the HRE's go back on...
Originally Posted by TTBear View Post
Sigh....... I never should have let this one go, LOL. I'm just glad that it went to a great guy, and a total gearhead

Man, there is SO much that I miss about the M3. There's no doubt that it is the most complete sports car on the planet, bar none.

GREAT to see her again, Jake. Hope the spring and summer bring tons of great driving for you!!
Jake - so glad to "see" you on here! Welcome!!

Love your car.

TTBear, when we met up, I first "heard" the car and it instantly caught my attention. Then I saw it coming towards me and thought, "WOW.........."
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