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Originally Posted by ottoblotto View Post
Its not that GM is trying to build a track oriented car, they are continuing with their process of decontenting their vehicles and using "Its for the track" as an excuse. The only impressive thing about it is the lack of an automatic... Any true enthusiast would remove the a/c or sound deading material or whatever for weight reduction themselves, but GM does it for you, reduces their overhead by several $$$ and then charges a premium by stuffing an underpowered 7 liter (really?!? 500hp??? Reminds me of their 5.7l V8 Diesels that produced 120hp!) motor and calling it a Z28. Its all about money for them. "Pricing has yet to be announced, but GM told us at the New York show that it will be the most expensive Camaro."
There is no enthusiast love there. GM should have listened to Bob Lutz many years ago: "It's time to stop the dominance of the number-crunchers, living in their perfect, predictable, financially-projected world (who fail, time and again), and give the reins to the 'product guys'...those with vision and passion for the customers and their product or service." Sounds brilliant doesnt it? Well they should have listened to him. Instead they didnt, they produce shitty cars like the Aztek or Saturns, use subpar materials for the interior, overcharge/lie/screw their customers and then require a bailout from the govt. They are only a shell of the awesomeness they were 40-50 years ago.
GM should have died off many years ago.
Couldn't disagree more. American cars are becoming more and more solid performers these days. What they have not done to any great degree is to combine performance with premium refinement and luxury, but that is not the American car persona. American performance is about muscle. It is about big pecs, big biceps and chugging beers. It is not about fine athleticism and Johnny Walker Blue Label....know what I mean?

As far as expensive, even at over $60k, it is much less than an M3, and is likely expensive due to it's true performance oriented equipment.

It is a different type of car and a different type of appeal. It has nothing whatsoever in common with the German premium brands. The only reason that we are even comparing these cars is because for a number of years, it was the Germans that had dominated the non-exotic performance market, and now the Americans are well in the game.

Still, if you seek refinement, look elsewhere.
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