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Originally Posted by dcs2k View Post
thanks for your post OP. question, dont you need to bed in the rotors every time you swap from race to street pads?
Not if you get pads with compatible compounds. Previously, I used Carbotech ceramic pads for both track & street, and swapped without issue (Carbotech says this is okay).

Some people just drive on their track pads for a few extra days. Since track pads tend to be fairly abrasive, low speed stops will have the effect of scrubbing off the transfer layer. That cleans the rotors for use with street pads.

Another approach is to swap rotors as well as pads. Higher up-front cost & a bit more hassle, but it lets you choose track & street pads independently and without worrying about leaving the track pads in too long (which wears down the rotors) or removing them too soon (which can cause brake judder if the compounds are incompatible).