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Originally Posted by Megabeast View Post
Great video quality... but I am impressed on the landscape and scenery on the video
Cheers! The actual video quality is better than what is shown on Youtube.

Originally Posted by NikB316 View Post
Those are what I am looking for - much appreciated!

Where do you mount yours especially in that video? Do you think it's something that could be discreetly mounted on or near the rearview mirror? I'm guessing yours is on the dash.

I'm thinking maybe my best option would be to find one with a small remote control and leave it mounted on top of the rear seats below the glass? I would like to be able to capture more of the body of a car right next to me so this may be the best angle...
Yes, it can be mounted on the rearview mirror using the non-residue 3M adhesive SnapTray that comes with the kit. It sticks on to the base of the rearview mirror perfectly, without any protrusions - the SnapTray is tiny and pretty much weightless. The camera is also very light and the kit comes with a swivel HeimLock Mount that quickly allows you to do fine position adjustments. The HeimLock which attaches to the camera, can easily be detached from the SnapTray, leaving the SnapTray on the base of the rearview mirror.

The other benefit of the circular nature of the ReplayXD1080 is, regardless of the position of the mount, you can always rotate and orientate the camera quickly so that it is always right side up - not so simple with the GoPro, given that the GoPro's hinge is always at the bottom of the camera (with the case on).

I was using a homemade windscreen mount in the video above, but I have since purchased a proper suction mount with a short arm, and I can stick it anywhere I want. In short, I use the suction mount for windscreen and body panels, SnapTray+HeimLock for rearview mirror and my helmet:

I would personally have the Hero 3 in-addition to the ReplayXD1080 as they complement each other very well.

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