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I had been waiting to post more until the OP came back on, but he seems to have disappeared. So, I'm just gonna post my longer answer for others that may be interested.

Brembo and AP Racing are owned by the same parent company, although they are run as two separate entities. They're both great.

I have AP Racing. If you plan on tracking the car, the AP kit is simply awesome. Their strap drive system for the front rotors is fairly unique. (Strap Drive info: ) They never ever ever overheat assuming proper brake fluid and good pads. The brake pedal feel never changes while on track from first lap to the last. On the topic of brake fluid, don't cheap out. It's a shame to spend $6000+ on brakes, $800 on pads and then put in $25 brake fluid. Put Castrol SRF in the car and don't screw around. If you search, you can find SRF for $56/liter. (There's also a new brake fluid called Torque RT700 that is interesting and reasonably priced. I'm still learning about it:

The brake pad choice has a LOT to do with how a BBK "feels". For the track, Endless ME-20 pads are expensive ($500 for the fronts), but they have a nice feel and work very well. My staple front pad on the track has been the Mintex F3R---reasonable price (around $300, sometimes even under $200 if you can find a deal on ebay) and they work great. I get 10 track days from a set of front pads. (The rears last forever.) But I've also experimented with crazier pads like Cobalt Friction XR1.......oh my god......those pads are so high torque and powerful it's scary. You never realized a 4000lb car could slow down so fast. But they don't modulate as easily as other pads. Their job is to stop the car like it hit a wall----incredible. Plus, you really need a tire with massive grip that can handle that kind of stopping power, otherwise the ABS can activate.

And don't plan on running true track pads on the street. That experience is a misery. Track pads squeal and groan and resonate and hum and chew up the rotors when they're running cold on the street. Plus, a serious track pad is REALLY touchy on the streets----you touch the brake just a bit much and the car comes to a sudden and severe halt----not good for the dude in the car behind you----or your rear bumper. In the rear, I usually run a hybrid pad--Ferodo DS2500. I leave it in the car both street and track. But the fronts are always changed out before and after track events. You'll want to become handy at that. The AP fronts take 5 minutes per wheel to switch pads. The rear pads take just a bit longer, but it's not a big deal.

As far as replacement costs for AP rotors, they're $900/pair for the fronts. I just replaced the fronts myself. Interesting process. The strap drive really is a pretty amazing idea.

BBK's with a regular street pad don't "feel" much different on the street than the OEM brakes. That's a good thing. But they sure look cool!
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