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Originally Posted by Endless619 View Post
Dude why do you have to have a BMW? If you have a paid off Accord then stick with that and invest, save or move out of your folks house. Your priorities are a little messed up. Lets be realistic. Neither car is right for you right now.
Due to not wanting to explain it again, I will paste my answer to a very similar question from BimmerForums.

Originally Posted by HFX328i View Post
Instead of a second car, have you thought about your own place? You could put a nice down payment on one, and have a few pennies for a rainy day.
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I know that in most cases, that is the smarter, & more responsible thing to do but not really in my case. I'll explain. My parents are getting older, (54 & 55) . I'm their youngest child @ 21. My 2 older brothers are already graduated, married, & on their own. My parents are waiting on me to finish school, (on track to finish Sept. '14), & become self sufficient with my career as opposed to my current 2 dead end jobs. When that happens they are going back to their home country to enjoy their remaining years. They have property there so their plan is to put our current home under my name & hand off the mortgage payments to me. So I essentially already have my own place. Getting a lease & a down payment on another place would be a waste. & on top of it all, I'm a gear head. Engines make me happy.