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Originally Posted by SanquintinB View Post
Hey guys I posted this on BimmerForums also and I figured I wouldn't get much bias here due to the fact that while you all are ///M drivers, you also drive the E9X chassis.

I'm a college student but I live with my parents and I have 2 jobs to support my gear head habit. I drive an 02 Honda Accord & now that it is payed off, I want a Bimmer as a weekend only/fun car. I'm stuck in between a CPO E92 335i & an E46 M3. The 335i will undoubtedly cost more but the CPO allows me to save money on maintenence/repairs. What matters most to me is fun behind the wheel, head turning ability, and engine/exhaust note is a big deal to me as an audiophile. Both cars are plenty fast for me so mods will probably just be aesthetics & noise mods. I'm also prepared for maintenence in the ///M

I'm looking to spend 25k-27k max on the ///M but willing to spend 30k-32k on a CPO 335i. How much mileage is 'too much' for the M3? Can anyone chime in on what you think I should spend my money on, based on what I've told you? Any input from those who owned both cars is highly appreciated.

Dude why do you have to have a BMW? If you have a paid off Accord then stick with that and invest, save or move out of your folks house. Your priorities are a little messed up. Lets be realistic. Neither car is right for you right now.

To me its house first, then a practical car. Then later on down the line when you are established and have some spare cash then go for a fun toy.

You have to look at both sides. Anyway thats my 2 cents.

IF you just have to have a BMW I would go with the newer 335 because it comes with a warranty. That way you can sleep a little easier knowing it is a CPO vs an M3 with no warranty and 9 years old.