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My sorta guided tour of the BMW Museum in Munich.

Unfortunately on my previous trip to Germany I missed out on seeing the BMW Museum. This time, I made sure that mistake was not repeated. After spending the morning at BMW Welt and on the Plant tour I was finally off to the Museum...

The iconic global headquarters of BMW in Munich, Germany.

BMW E36 Touring spotted while crossing over the road from BMW Welt to the BMW Museum. Why exactly were these never imported to the US? Sigh...

E46 Compact as seen from the same walkway. I should have hung out here for a while...

The Munich TV Tower and BMW Welt during a snowstorm while it was sunny out. Ok then...

A trio of classic BMWs greets you upon entry into the museum.

Just an M6 hanging out.

The original BMW 328.

The BMW P84/5 V10 Formula 1 race engine.

It's a tragedy that this engine was hidden by a car. Truly a work of art.

The 2 liter I6, P54 B20 found in the E46 WTCC.*

A fairly ingenious offset intake plenum design by BMW. It makes for superlative throttle response and makes the most of the induction air that comes through the mandated restricted throttle body.*

Another shot of the carbon fiber intake plenum, throttle body, and velocity stack.

The P54 B20's composite intake runners.

The mighty P60B40 as found in the E46 M3 GTR, sorry Porsche, crybabies. Feed me a 996, nom nom nom.

BMW M12/M13 Formula One turbo engine. This 1.4 liter engine was said to produce ~1,300hp in qualifying trim, and that was in 1986!

Carbon fiber turbocharger housing.

I should buy a boat.

The predecessor to the iconic BMW 3 Series.

E21 323i

E30 Cabrio

All-wheel drive E30 Touring?!?! How did we not get these in the US?

Boston Green Metallic E36 328is. The same color as my first car, a 1995 318i.

The 3 Series bloodline up to the E46.

Objects in rearview mirror are cheaper.

My dream car, the BMW 2002.

E46 M3 CSL

The interior of the E46 M3 CLS. Unfortunately, due to the lighting and me not having a CPL filter with me, taking decent shots of the interior proved impossible. I could have pressed the lens up on the glass, but I think BMW may have frowned upon that a bit.

Z3 M Roadster Estoril Blue/Black leather interior.

The car that started it all, the BMW M1.

Dat ass.

The first e28 M5 that I've seen that wasn't painted black.

E21 Racecar on beautiful BBS wheels.

E30 M3 racecar on BBS wheels of course. There were no E36 M3s at the museum. *At the NY International Autoshow briefly spoke with Matt Russel (BMW M Brand Manager) and was told that two journalists wrecked both cars at the Nürburgring. Apparently the cars were running on original tires, which seemed to provide less than favorable grip on the wet track. From what I was told, one of the cars is currently being repaired, but it looks like the other is a total loss.

Massive BBS race wheels. Look at that lip!

BBS wheels and Alcon brakes, perfect match.

Time to leave the BMW Museum and head over to, and up to the top of, the Munich TV Tower.

BMW Welt, Museum and Headquarters as seen from the Munich TV Tower.

Munich Olympic Park

BMW Welt

BMW Museum

BMW Headquarters

Sunset over Munich


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