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Originally Posted by bruce.augenstein@comcast.
This is one of those strings that keep me in this forum.

Chevy announces a serious-as-a-heart-attack race car, and this string is filled with posts about the looks, and 15K for replacement brakes is a lot for a Camaro, and the power per liter isn't very high, and who would buy it if A/C isn't standard, and...

OK, there were some posts by more informed people (and you know who you are), but really, this forum is often a laugh a minute...

Listen, did you guys miss the part about no sound deadening? That piece alone means this car just won't be street driven, smog-legal or not.

In any event, this car will very likely be knocking on the below-7:30 door at the 'Ring, but nobody in their right mind would use it as a daily driver.

Think ACR Viper, or somesuch. Not to be compared with the M3 in any way.

It is clear it is a track only vehicle. However, why would I purchase a 3700 lb vehicle that has poor visibility and an ls7 when I can buy a 3100 lb vehicle with an ls7...? That is a laughable comment? Clearly if its track only then you are not a pizza delivery boy. Why not get the better car?