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Originally Posted by M3takesNYC View Post
Age has nothing to do with it. HP is HP providing the gearing is not archaic 4 speed auto or something. This things apparently weighs 2800 pounds with 420 hp. Surprised it actually is not closer
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As far as I remember a 360 CS is about 600-700 pounds lighter than our cars. It curbs at 2850 pounds.. So I'm surpriced at how easy this M3 pulled on it.
Yea, that's where I was going. It is an old car, but the power to weight- I was like wtf batman, should it not be at best an even race? anyhow, I think that car is beyond lust for power/speed, it's the whole package of driving a Ferrari that conquers all. I also think the 360 has aged better than the F430 for some reason (looks wise).