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Originally Posted by Year's_End View Post
Because this is more or less the truth, as unfortunate as that is. You're in a very small minority with your MT wants.
I disagree. Automatic transmissions have been the prominent trans of choice for the US market for 40 years and that never stopped BMW from offering manual transmissions in every model (most of them as the standard transmission i.e. not an option). The 7-series used to be available with a manual transmission. The first gen X3 was available with a manual transmission. The F30 standard transmission is an automatic; you have to spec the manual. At least Cadillac gives a $1K+ discount if you spec a manual trans.

The issue is crash testing. The USDOT requires every drivetrain variation of a particular model be crash tested, so that what limits the availability. The auto manufacturers should get the crash test regulations changed so they can offer more diverse products to their customers.

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