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Originally Posted by SouthShoreM3 View Post
So irritated guys!! So my car has been at BMW for 4 days now just to get the damn inspection sticker. I have to swap my stock x pipe every year, which is becoming a huge pain in the ass.

I switched dealers from NORWOOD to Norwell, bc Norwell installed my SC.

They have had everything they need to flash the DME back and forth and get the Dinan x pipe back on the car.

They did not even do anything yesterday. Irritated because the one nice weekend I want to drive the car and now I won't have it period.

FYI the difference between a stock pipe and Dinan is night and day.

Car is embarrassingly quiet. I can hear the blower better, but that's about it.

I have heard Hondas with with a more aggressive sound! Even with the AA SIGNATURE axel back it is so quiet to me.

Just venting cause I want to drive the bloody thing
Honestly just move out of that congested area and a quieter car is much nicer than a "bees in a bag" Honda sound. As you get older you will not want that garbage sound unless you are driving a Ferrari or Lambo. Been there done that with my NSX, S2000, 350z, Z4MC, etc.

Inspection sticker like Hawaii? F that. Not worth my time. lol